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About Elsabé du Plessis

With a background in law, her experience as small business-owner, community involvement over decades and having close personal relationships with loved ones and friends, it is Elsabé’s passion to add value through her coaching,  to a wide spectrum of clients.  In dependence of her Creator she stands in awe by the ability of human beings to grow and excel beyond their expectations.  Sustainable transformation and growth are the focus of her coaching.  Elsabé is a full time coach since 2014.

Her clients are professional individuals, teams and groups from corporate and private business environments.

As a coach she offers:

  • a safe space in which profound change can take place;
  • listening and support which are open and real;
  • confidentiality;
  • guidance.


B.Iuris, LLB

Foundations of Corporate Coaching

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Coaching Genius
NLP Practitioner

In association with the SA Institute of Neuro-Semantics

Registered OrganiCoach

About Coaching

Dr Michael Hall, Co-founder of the International Society of Neuro Semantics and of the Meta-Coach Foundation describes coaching best:

“What we call coaching is about being a professional communicator which begins with really, really listening, and then enabling people to sense that we care about what they say and think, and then asking the kind of probing, penetrating and incisive questions that can get to the heart of things quickly and powerfully.  It also means listening and calibrating so precisely, that you can mirror back their own responses so that people can actually hear and listen to themselves.”

About Prosper and the Pomegranate Symbol

Prosperity is the destination of the coaching journey.   To prosper from the inside out, means to live and give the self happily and abundantly, in a personal and business context.  The bearing of fruit is the trademark of a prosperous person.

The Pomegranate is an ancient symbol steeped in tradition.  It has also re-emerged in contemporary culture, not only for its beauty and rich history, but for its healthy and anti-oxidant qualities.  The word pomegranate derives from the Latin words “pomum” which means apple and “granatus” which means seeded.  It symbolises fruitful and spiritual abundance, and for believers in Christ, eternal life after death.

I chose the pomegranate as a brand symbol, because it symbolises to me the outcome I want to reach with my clients:  A colourful, abundant and productive life from the inside out, bearing fruit and living to the full.